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About Us...

ChessCottStreet, started with a small group of kids (aged 6+), including Coach JJ's son, to build aspiring strong chess players among them! Learning became a challenging task as things move on, with main challenges like, "how to keep the kid interested enough", "how to make it a ‘learning with fun’ to keep them willing to do more (of chess, of course!)".

Coaching in the right way is as challenging as just being a student to keep learning, specifically even more challenging for an age group between 7 to 10! After some struggling to cope up with, Coach JJ figured the new ways of teaching, to improve the effectiveness of learning!

As ‘ChessCottStreet’ kept growing (now at 4+ years), both by time (experience of teaching) and by a number of students, new learning started to become a habit for its students! We are currently training students with ages from 7+ years (with over 90% in the age group 7-14)!

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Profile of Head Coach...

Coach JJ:

(Chess Expert: Rating between 2000 to 2200).

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